Warmer than Canada

A Family Gap Year in the Era of Trump



Call for stories: other family gap years

So far Warmer Than Canada has offered a deep dive into my family’s gap year in Monteverde, Costa Rica. As wonderful as our year was, we realize it was just one approach to enjoying family time abroad. As a result,... Continue Reading →

Arenal and La Fortuna

Last month the dry season had fully arrived in Monteverde—dust from the roads coated everything, our azalea bush was covered in magenta blossoms, Monstera and banana leaves drooped from lack of water, and instead of being defined by clouds and... Continue Reading →

Monteverde Sister March

Here's to all of the marchers around the world who gave us so much hope this last Saturday at women's marches around the world. In Monteverde, we also broke records--nearly 250 marchers of many nationalities, ages, and genders popped out... Continue Reading →

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