In addition to providing a deep dive into my family’s gap year in Monteverde, Costa Rica, here at Warmer Than Canada my goal is to offer more general information and inspiration to families considering a stint abroad. As a result, each month I’ll be sharing an interview with a different family about their gap year, sabbatical, or other unusual adventure.

Some families hit the road for an undefined period of time and may not even know where their adventure will play out. Others have made deposits on schools and apartments before they even leave. Some seek deep cultural and lingual immersion, while others are more focused on time together as a family. In all cases these folks have deliberately chosen to step off the hamster wheel of their everyday lives, to relocate for a spell, and to do something radically different. My hope is to provide a whole variety of stories so that you can find just the right one that inspires you.

If your family has embarked on such an adventure, please reach out. I’d love to hear from you.