Warmer than Canada

A Family Gap Year in the Era of Trump




I recently published an article in The Los Angeles Times about a trip my family took to Belize last December. Admittedly, this was no family gap year, though we were fortunate to spend two weeks exploring this fascinating Central American... Continue Reading →

Two Months in Uruguay

If immersive family time abroad appeals to you but you can’t imagine affording an entire year to the experience, then Anastasia Campbell’s story of two months with her kids in Uruguay will prove inspiring. Anastasia is a true world citizen:... Continue Reading →

Multigenerational Travel in Costa Rica

I recently published a travel article in The Boston Globe about a ten-day hiking and birding trip my family took with visiting grandparents in Costa Rica. We arranged our travel around three of Costa Rica’s northern regions known for their... Continue Reading →

El Regreso

We've been back in the States for about half a year now. In many ways, the return has felt quite seamless: we're in the same house with Maine woods out our back door and a short walk to town out... Continue Reading →

Public Schools Abroad

Finding the right school for our kids during our family's year abroad factored heavily into our choice of location. For a number of reasons, we ended up choosing a private, bilingual school. Nevertheless, once we were in Monteverde, I found... Continue Reading →

Parenting Abroad

Raising kids abroad can be liberating. In some ways, expat parents have the best of both worlds: they can adopt local family norms (insisting, for example, that their kids formally greet adults, as local children do) or they can chart... Continue Reading →

More Monteverde Gems

Even during a family gap year, when part of the mission is changing up our surroundings and aiming to see life with fresh eyes, we’ve found it easy to settle into routines. We often frequent the same local eateries that... Continue Reading →

Forcing Spanish on My Kids

Moving abroad with children has its ups and downs, and there have been moments when I've doubted whether we were being fair to our kids, particularly as we threw them into a new language. For my youngest son, anxiety came... Continue Reading →

Monteverde Reserves

During the week between Christmas and New Year's Day, tourism explodes here in Monteverde. For visitors looking for a tropical escape, the cloud forest offers a temperate, naturalist's wonderland, particularly ideal for those who want to be active outdoors but... Continue Reading →

Christmas Tamales

'Tis the season for rainbows, blustery wind, renewable bamboo Christmas trees, and a whole host of wonderful holiday traditions here in Monteverde. Many of the Monteverde Christmas traditions began with the arrival of the North American Quaker pacifists over 50... Continue Reading →

Guatemalan Spanish School–the Logistics

You may have read my post describing a day in the life of a Spanish-language student in Guatemala. Or, perhaps you've been trying out some of my tips for free Spanish self-study at home and, now that you've begun, you're... Continue Reading →

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