Warmer than Canada

A Family Gap Year in the Era of Trump



Comic Book Care Packages

Our family is composed of library junkies. In Maine, we visit our fabulous public library at least once a week and reliably stumble back home home under the weight of tote bags overloaded with books. Maybe it was the years... Continue Reading →

Fresh Perspectives: Climate Change

We're back in the States after our family's gap year, discovering the many ways in which life in Central America has offered us fresh perspectives. There have been some lifestyle changes--more on that in a few weeks--but today I want... Continue Reading →

Spanish in Monteverde

The other day I was chatting with a Tica friend about cultural adjustment. Though Costa Rican, this friend lived in California for decades. In her first months there, she cried every time a plane passed overhead, wishing she were in... Continue Reading →

The Monteverde Friends School–Bilingualism, Community and Good Folks

This year Liam and Reid are attending the Quaker school in Monteverde. As I mentioned in an earlier post, a group of North American Quaker pacifists moved to Monteverde in the 1950s after some of them were imprisoned in Alabama... Continue Reading →

Monteverde Sister March

Here's to all of the marchers around the world who gave us so much hope this last Saturday at women's marches around the world. In Monteverde, we also broke records--nearly 250 marchers of many nationalities, ages, and genders popped out... Continue Reading →

Monteverde, Beyond the Reserves

So, you've made it up the mountain to Monteverde and visited a cloud forest reserve or two, but now you're ready for something different. How about swimming in warm thermal pools, visiting an artist's workshop en route to fabulous views... Continue Reading →

Monteverde Reserves

During the week between Christmas and New Year's Day, tourism explodes here in Monteverde. For visitors looking for a tropical escape, the cloud forest offers a temperate, naturalist's wonderland, particularly ideal for those who want to be active outdoors but... Continue Reading →

Wilson and Other Winged Neighbors

Back in March when we signed the lease for our new house, sight unseen, in Monteverde, Costa Rica, our manager assured me the previous tenants hadn't had any pets. Given my allergy to cats, I was relieved. But then she... Continue Reading →

American Political Dissent in Costa Rica

When we told friends back home we’d be living in Costa Rica for a year, many envisioned the beach and surfing (and probably rightly wondered exactly how many tubes of SPF 60 sunscreen my pale-skinned family would need to ward... Continue Reading →

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