So far Warmer Than Canada has offered a deep dive into my family’s gap year in Monteverde, Costa Rica. As wonderful as our year was, we realize it was just one approach to enjoying family time abroad. As a result, I’ll be shifting my focus to other families and their gap years, sabbaticals, or other unusual adventures. My hope is to share the story of a new approach to family gap years each month.

So, here’s my call: If in the last few years you and your family have set out on an exotic adventure, then I would love to hear from you. My definition of exotic is loose. Your adventure needn’t be outside of your home country. Car camping in national parks over the course of a year–or even a summer, if it really marked a lifestyle shift–would qualify. I’m looking for those rare cases where parents and kids deliberately choose to step off of the hamster wheel of their everyday lives, to relocate for a spell, and to do something radically different.

Does that sound like you? If so, please reach out and we can discuss the possibility of highlighting your family’s story on Warmer Than Canada. As part of this series, I recently interviewed friends of ours who followed in my family’s footsteps by spending a semester in Monteverde, but instead of sending their kids to one of the town’s private bilingual schools as we did, they opted for full Spanish immersion in the public schools. Next week I’ll be sharing a report from Guatemala where my friends Lisa, Fred, and Grace are wrapping up their second and final (at least for now) year in Central America. I’m so grateful to these two families for sharing their stories and would love to hear from yours!