Moving abroad with children has its ups and downs, and there have been moments when I’ve doubted whether we were being fair to our kids, particularly as we threw them into a new language.

For my youngest son, anxiety came early. In the weeks leading up to our departure for Guatemala, my 6-year-old was obsessed with death.

“How do you get malaria?” Reid asked one morning as he pedaled alongside me on my run near our home in Maine.

Later that afternoon, he had moved on to rabies. “What if a dog with rabies bit you, and you were the last person on Earth, and you couldn’t get the vaccine?”

This last week, The Washington Post published an essay of mine, about some of the anxieties  Reid has felt transitioning into a new language and culture this year in Central America. I hope you enjoy reading the essay and welcome comments from those who have immersed their children in new languages and cultures.