Here’s to all of the marchers around the world who gave us so much hope this last Saturday at women’s marches around the world.

In Monteverde, we also broke records–nearly 250 marchers of many nationalities, ages, and genders popped out of the cloud forest to sing a Zulu song put to Spanish and English, share beautiful bilingual signs, and march down our dusty dirt roads in honor of feminism, the environment, immigrant rights, truth, and human rights in general.

There was some discussion in English forums in Costa Rica about why expats or non-U.S. citizens felt the need to march. I wrote an op-ed piece in the Tico Times explaining why I marched and how living abroad has taught me that what happens in the White House often impacts all of us around the world.


Photo credit: Katy VanDusen




Photo credit: Katy VanDusen